Adventures in Food

Hi there – I’m Jessica Lee, the new account coordinator here at LCI, writing my first blog post! I have a confession: I can’t cook. If it takes more than two steps, i.e., 1) Open package; 2) Stick in microwave, I’m probably not going to eat it. I do, however, love eating and trying new […]

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The Tech (nique) of Building Relationships

Senior Account Supervisor Lee Kravetz here, LCI’s newest staff member coming to you fresh off the plane from New York City.  The other day my neighbor, another PR professional, was showing off her new iPhone to me.  This device really does it all.  Email, phone calls, mapping, Mp3 downloads.  Tech-wise, it’s more powerful than anything […]

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The Evolution of Language

Marsha Robertson here….making a transition from Account Director to freelancer at LCI.   Last week, I learned that “freelance” is a word that originated in medieval times. When warlords needed to expand their armies, they called upon “free lance warriors,” who would receive payment in gold or ground property.  Now if I could only talk David […]

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