Monterey: The perfect weekend getaway

  The economy may stink, but that doesn’t mean you need to give up on your vacation – I promise! Looking for a budget-friendly vacation that doesn’t include security lines, outrageously-priced awful sandwiches and lost luggage?  Look no further than coastal Monterey.  You forgot about Monterey – didn’t you? I rediscovered it while looking for […]

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Ready life? ‘Cause here I come

Paige Kenny, LCI Intern, here… I’ll be permanently signing off shortly as my internship at LCI has come to an end. Last Friday, when I celebrated my 23rd birthday, I was thinking about the ways in which I would like to change my life over the next year, making it the best year ever.  I […]

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Going Global. . .

David Landis, trusty LCI President here with my thoughts for the week.   I just returned from meeting with our international PR affiliates (through the Public Relations Global Network – wwwprgn.com) in Sao Paulo.  The 17-hour plane trip notwithstanding, it occurred to me that the world continues to shrink and that business is going global.  […]

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