Crisis Communications at the Airport

By Rob Farmer, Landis Communications, Senior Account Supervisor, LCI The holidays are here and everyone is at the airport. Recently I was among the throngs herding into our great bastions of pre-air travel preparedness. I dutifully fell in line to be scanned, examined, poked and prodded, when it occurred to me that our nation’s airports […]

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Meet the Media

Meet Matthew Brodsky, Senior Editor/Web Editor at Risk & Insurance   Tell us about your dream assignment.   My insurance-related dream assignment, if there is such a thing, is a bit morbid. When the Big One happens in California, and half the state falls into the ocean, I’d like to cover it like I had […]

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The PC Holiday

This week’s blog post is by LCI’s Brianne Miller.   Merry….um…Happy…um…Joyous?  It’s becoming more and more difficult to be politically correct during the holidays.  While we all want to be inclusive of different traditions and cultures, how do we succinctly express best wishes to all, and to all a good night?!   I grew up […]

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