Meet the Media

Meet Adam Ney, a Connecticut-based public affairs professional and green business and technology blogger who is the founder and editor of BuildingCTGreen and AuggieV’s Green Blog.  What’s your top story for today?  As a green business/green technology blogger covering Connecticut, I’d have to say that the big story of the day, or last couple of […]

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LCI’s Senior Counselor Heidi Groshelle Talks Tech

This past May, the League of American Communications Professionals (LACP) honored LCI’s senior tech counselor, Heidi Groshelle, with two Impact Awards. These awards honored the launch of the nio, a security tag that prevents the loss of mobile devices in the United States. We sat down with Heidi this week to talk tech, her new […]

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Thank-you Notes: Handwritten or Emailed?

For those of you who regularly check our blog, you may remember a March post from Anne Buchanan of Buchanan Public Relations, our PRGN partner in Philadelphia, entitled Why You Will Never Get Hired at Our PR Firm, which offered a real-life example of how jobs can be won and lost because of common courtesy […]

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