LCI Blog: Managing Social Media During the Holidays

By Alexis Anderson, GroundFloor Media Senior Director of Communications The last two weeks of December become a ghost town in many offices, as employees scatter far and wide to celebrate the holidays with family and friends. Social media management often falls to the wayside as team members focus on year-end reports and 2012 plans instead […]

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LCI Blog: "THE 12 SCAMS OF CHRISTMAS" Steering Clear of the Latest Technology Scams this Holiday Season!

By Erin Hunt Moore, LCI Director It’s difficult to believe, but here we are again: rapidly sprinting toward the final stretch of the holidays. And while we’re busy celebrating, last-minute shopping, circulating e-cards and e-vites during this season of sharing and giving, the hacker keyboards are heating up.  Just this past week, our household was […]

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Meet the Media: Leanne Dow

Fitness Blogger Examiner.com 1. What’s your top story for today? My top story for today is tips on how to beat holiday weight gain and deal with holiday stress at the same time. 2. Tell us about your dream assignment. My dream assignment would include covering the Superbowl somewhere tropical. A girl can dream! 3. Describe the wackiest […]

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