LCI Blog: How to Win Friends and Influence People: a PR pro’s perspective

By Hilary Burns, Assistant Account Executive at LCI   I read Dale Carnegie’s timeless book, How to Win Friends and Influence People more than a year ago. I was so impressed with its human-relations tips that I’ve been applying them to my life every day since. I keep many of Carnegie’s tips top-of-mind when interacting […]

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LCI Blog: Client service: 10 ways five-star brands and companies excel

    I gave a presentation at the recent PRGN international meeting in Los Angeles called “How To Create A Five-Star Client Service Organization.” In it, I examined companies known to provide superior customer service. It’s my belief that agencies should study these companies and mimic their success for better client service.   Here are […]

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LCI Blog: Calling all Graduates – A Career in Agency Public Relations May be the Choice for You

By Camille Priselac, Senior Counselor at LCI It’s May and graduation season is in full swing.  Graduates are ready to hit the streets and start the next chapter in life, working for a living. Granted, many students work while going to college (I know I did). But for many, graduation means hitting the interview circuit […]

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