Returning to Agency Life

By Jennifer Golbus, Senior Account Supervisor I recently joined the world-class team at Landis Communications, Inc. after running my own boutique agency, running my own consultancy and working in-house at two companies. As I reflect on my career, I’m reminded of the many benefits of agency life. Resources and Experience I remember the hours spent […]

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Critical Thinking and Why It’s A Must for PR Pros

By David Landis, President, Landis Communications Inc. (LCI), San Francisco   Last week, I hosted a Webinar for public relations professionals throughout the world who are members of our Public Relations Global Network. The topic? Critical Thinking. Many of us, in any business, but perhaps especially in PR, fall into the day-to-day trap of working […]

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Community Music Center’s oldest student shares secrets to a long life

    By: Gregory Bortkiewicz San Francisco’s Community Music Center (CMC), one of the City’s hidden gems and one of LCI’s clients, provides high quality lessons, programs and concerts at no or low cost. From children learning to play an instrument as soon as they can pick one up to older adults honing their skills […]

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Meet the Media with Ben Marks, Senior Editor of Collectors Weekly

          Meet the Media – Ben Marks, Senior Editor, CollectorsWeekly.com What’s your top story for today? We have a page on our site devoted to vintage tube amplifiers, so I thought it would be fun to write a simple, somewhat geeky piece about what happens inside a triode vacuum tube to make […]

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Native Advertising, Product Placement, Content Marketing, Advertorials: What’s Going On!

            By Uwe Schmidt, CEO of Industrie-Contact AG, our PRGN affiliate based in Germany One day when God became so angry with mankind after their vain attempts at building the tower of Babel, to be more in his likeness, he henceforth sent them the Babylonian language of confusion thereby ending […]

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