YouTube Red and the World of Online Advertising

By Greg Bortkiewicz, Landis Communications In October, YouTube took steps to cement itself as a media juggernaut with the introduction of YouTube Red, a paid subscription service. For $9.99 per month, users receive a range of perks, including: Ad-free videos (more on this later…) Offline viewing Background play Free subscription to Google Play Music Original […]

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By Bianchi PR, our PRGN partner, based in Michigan Engagement is the immediate goal for most professional service firms’ social media presence. Law firms, architects, staffing companies and more go to great lengths to measure and analyze engagement with likes, favorites, shares, retweets, reach, clicks and other metrics. However, only a small share of professional […]

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Food for Thought: Google+ and Psychographics

By Jimin Lee, Landis Communications Psychographics are being explored and implemented in today’s marketing world, and Google+ is testing it out with a new redesign. Contrary to previous understanding of segmentation via demographics, Google+ has decided to group user interests through Collections and Communities, which allows people to join groups depending on their areas of […]

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