PR Product Launches

Hire Us Yesterday

By Brianne Miller, Director I get quite a few calls each week from prospective new clients – some exciting, some not-right-for-us, some downright bizarre. One of the things I love about my job is that I get to educate people hiring communications agencies for the first time…or, as is happening more and more of late, […]

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Vancouver, Canada

Politeness Improves Communication

By Sean Dowdall, General Manager & CMO Vancouver, British Columbia, is the politest city in the world. At least based on my recent experience there. My husband and I just traveled to Vancouver for a long 4th of July weekend. When we first planned the trip, we had no idea it would be Canada Day […]

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Social Media as part of PR

Tracking your Company’s Social Media ROI

Social media is an important tool for most businesses, but how many are maximizing the potential that platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram have to offer? It’s important to look past the number of followers or fans and understand the actions that people are taking. To that end, we wanted to share this great […]

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Always listening

Should I Advertise on Podcasts?

By Greg Bortkiewicz, Senior Account Executive & Digital Specialist I’m a huge podcast fan – they’ve made my hour-long commute each morning not only bearable, but enjoyable. Whether I’m in the mood to be informed or entertained, there is a podcast for everything and I’ve become a loyal subscriber to a handful of shows (shout […]

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Photo Lens

Using Photography to Tell Stories

Todd Johnson, visual journalist at the San Francisco Business Times, gives us an insight into his work as a photojournalist, some PR tips and the future of photography. What’s your top story for today? My days are usually spent shooting assignments that could be published that same day, for the weekly print paper or for […]

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PR Consultant at Work!

Why Would Anyone Want to Work in PR?

By Gus Nodal, Media Relations Manager According to a recent annual report on job stress compiled by CareerCast, a career in public relations ranks among the top 10 most stressful careers – right next to police officer, airline pilot, firefighter and enlisted military personnel. So why would anyone want to work in PR? When I […]

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Digital Communications

Digital Communications at the Forefront of the Evolving PR Industry

By Gregory Bortkiewicz It feels like PR has been in the news a lot lately, from the airline fiascos at United and British Airways to the resignation of the White House communications director (good luck to whoever takes on that job!) A good old-fashioned PR crisis will always make the news, but this doesn’t change […]

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Newspaper Articles Drawing Attention

Meet the Media – Katie Burke, San Francisco Business Times

Katie Burke, San Francisco Business Times What’s your top story for today? It’s going to be more like top story of the year, but retail closures will be a significant part of my beat for the rest of 2017. The industry is being slammed by a perfect storm of demographic changes, major shifts in shopping habits and — especially in […]

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On Lok

The Ethos of Landis Communications

By Nick Singer, assistant account executive When I first joined LCI, I knew from the get-go that our mission and PR efforts went beyond the pursuit of money. LCI takes on clients that are ethical and genuinely do good in the world, especially for those who are “forgotten” in the new world of tech. One […]

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