Google Updates: What You Need to Know

By: Greg Bortkiewicz, Account Executive Google has been as busy as ever in recent weeks, announcing a couple of updates that all digital marketers need to be aware of. The first is a major change to the format of ads created in AdWords; the second is a clampdown on intrusive ads on mobile websites. For all […]

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The Three R’s of New Business Strategy

David Cumpston, Director of Client Services, shares his top three tips on new business strategy. These same tips can also be applied to maintaining relationships and keeping clients, and are one of the things that sets LCI apart from other PR firms. Check out David’s tips in the video below: What are some of your […]

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Should My Brand Use Twitter’s Periscope?

5 Powerful Periscope Payoffs By David Landis, LCI President I recently had the pleasure of co-hosting a seminar for PR News’ August 10 Social Media Summit with my colleague and pal James Mowdy (@JamesJetsOften), head of B/Spoke, a brand consultancy. The subject? How best to use Twitter’s Periscope to amplify your business’ video strategy.  What […]

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Reporters Sometimes Hate PR People, And Maybe They Should?

By Gus Nodal, SAE at LCI Why would a reporter dread reading an email or picking up a phone call from a PR professional? The answer is simple: some PR pros only focus on their self-interests and completely ignore the basic idea of relating to the media. In an effort to help our blog readers […]

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4 Best Practices For Optimizing Voice Search

How To Help Siri Find Your Website Voice search is quickly becoming the way consumers are searching for information they need – especially for business.  Landis Communications Inc. (LCI)’s digital marketing consultants, Mannix Marketing, have 4 great tips on how to optimize voice search with virtual assistants like Siri. By Jessica Tracy, Digital Marketing Strategist, Mannix […]

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Six Steps to an Effective Online Press Room for Your Business

Introduction by LCI President David Landis: One of my biggest pet peeves in the PR industry (and I’m sure a pet peeve for journalists) is to head to a business’ online press room, only to discover that the contact information isn’t a real person, phone number or email, just info@_________. This practice is rampant in Silicon Valley. […]

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Media News concept

Meet the Media – Alex Ribble, owner and lead interviewer of Good Celebrity

What’s your top story for today? We recently released a terrific piece featuring a wonderful cause in the Hollywood area called “New Directions For Youth.” The celebrity behind the story is one of the judges and stars of “Hot Bench,” Larry Bakman. Here’s a link to the video as well as a link to the […]

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A Picture’s Worth

Nick Singer, Account Coordinator Instagram recently rolled out its highly anticipated “Insights” feature, which provides analytics about a user’s account directly within the app. With over 500 million people using Instagram, this tool will have a huge impact for big social media users and PR folks who run clients’ Instagram accounts. Once you add Insights […]

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Meet the Media – Carolyn Jung, food writer and editor of Food Gal

Meet the Media – Carolyn Jung, food writer and editor of Food Gal What’s your top story for today?  I could tell you that, but then I’d have to send a hit-man after you. Just kidding, but publications often don’t like me to talk about what I’m working on until the story is in print. […]

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exit from the eurozone: golden star fallen from a blue wall

Brexit Aftermath – PRGN Responses

Last Thursday the United Kingdom voted to leave the European Union (EU) in a result that took many by surprise. The short term impacts are already being felt, with Prime Minister David Cameron announcing his intention to step down and the sterling collapsing to a 31-year low. The process of leaving the EU could take years […]

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