Back to school no matter what your age

Brianne Miller, LCI’s Senior Counselor here. The sight of school buses rolling down the street, that huge spiral notebook sale at Target, the increased morning traffic…yup, it’s back to school.  I don’t know what it is about September that makes me want to buy 100 number 2 pencils and sharpen them all into some sort […]

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Stars: neurotic just like us?

Account Supervisor Alicia Balkrishna here to share a little inspiration from UsWeekly . . . Flip through any celebrity gossip rag and you might start to wonder: is Hollywood filled with control freaks? Reese Witherspoon dubbed her production company Type A Films. Jennifer Aniston is a self-described ‘neurotic.’ And, Madonna’s purported obsession with control has […]

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A fond farewell, in style of course!

Account Executive Lauren Fernstrom here, and while I am sad to say goodbye to my LCI pals, I am happy to report we had a hugely successful event at SFO on Monday with our client Emirates Airline. As you may have already read this week (ahem, front page of the San Francisco Chronicle and San […]

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