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No Impact Man

Greetings from Marsha Robertson….   Here’s an indication that I think a new book or a movie I’ve seen is particularly good:  I’ll promote it for free. That’s right. No monthly retainer or hourly fees. I may be a seasoned PR professional paid to craft innovative campaigns, but I’m also a cheerleader when I discover […]

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Shouting makes for good TV and “iffy” PR

Hi all- it’s Lee, Senior Account Supervisor, checking in:  With the heath care debate raging, we here at LCI have marveled these past few weeks at the public display of anger and frustration erupting at town hall meetings all over the country.  No matter what side of the debate you’re on, it’s impossible to ignore […]

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YouTube…Where would we be without it?

Hi everyone!  It’s Kelly, LCI’s Senior Account Executive checking in. Every day, at an alarming rate, I hear about a new form of social media.  But I have to say, YouTube has always been my favorite.  Today I was reading a story that made me realize just how far YouTube has come. At its inception […]

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The Fine Art of Vacation

  Brianne Miller here, LCI’s new biz stalwart.   Back in the Dark Ages (25 years ago) when I first started in this business, vacation was something you took for granted.  You pretty much took a week in the summer, a couple of long weekends here and there, and more time around your chosen holiday.  […]

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