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Volcanic Media Ash

The dust, to paraphrase a dusty old saying, has begun to settle. The volcanic cloud of Icelandic soot and debris that choked European travel to a standstill has subsided. Planes are taking off and landing at gates around the EU. But the figurative dust is now being kicked up. And in true European political fashion, […]

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We are pleased to share a great post by our PRGN partner, The Castle Group, from Boston, Mass. For more information on the Castle Group, click here. Writing for the web is changing communications. At Castle, we’ve always put a premium on writing, and our teams must be writing chameleons. Every client has a different […]

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Reinventing the Last Day on the Job

“And, I can’t forget the team and LCI’s fearless leader, David Landis, whose contribution to me and my career has been…”

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Spring Has Sprung

Catherine Topping, LCI’s newly promoted Account Supervisor here, with a few musings on my favorite time of year – spring! While I did not enjoy losing an hour of sleep a few weeks ago to daylight savings, there’s something so delightful about leaving the office north of 5:30pm and realizing, “Hey! The sun is still […]

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