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Building a Twitter Marketing Strategy

Donna Berry, LCI’s new Director, here. There’s been a volcanic eruption of discussions amongst marketing and communications professionals on the topic of Twitter….who’s responsible within a corporate structure for Twitter? What’s the value of maintaining a Twitter presence? Does tweeting make a difference in your business or for your brand, and how? My question is, […]

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After Sea World and Nestle, How Risky is Social Media?

LCI’s social media dialogue has sparked unprecedented interest. As a continuation of that lively exchange, LCI this week is delighted to share the following blog post regarding the risks and benefits of social media. This was originally posted by our New York-based PR colleague, Dorothy Crenshaw of Crenshaw Communications. Please give us — and Dorothy […]

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PR Pros Must Become Technology Experts

This week LCI is delighted to share this interview with our own David Landis by social media expert Shari Sax. You can learn more about her blog here.     As a university public relations instructor for many years, I have always been excited to compare notes with PR pros in the field. And with […]

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Marketing consultant, Huffington Post blogger and original AOL PR staffer Margaret Ryan had a few more comments about LCI’s earlier Social Media Made Easy blog entry. We thought it was worth posting, see below. Great ideas for how to break into social media! Here are a few more: • Define your company’s online personality and […]

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