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LCI Blog: An industry goal: Turn frantic prospects into valued partnerships

By Rob Farmer, LCI Director In business, it’s always exciting to hear phrases like “We are launching in a week” – especially if it’s your company that’s launching. But in the public relations world, this phrase can be downright frightening, if not completely confounding. Why? Because more often than not, we hear this from prospects […]

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LCI Blog: Lin and Flynn – How Deep is Your Bench?

By Scott Hanson, of LCI’s PRGN affiliate in Phoenix, HMA Public Relations: New York Knicks’ guard Jeremy Lin sits on the bench in obscurity until an injury to another player gives him an opportunity.  He promptly leads the Knicks to seven straight wins, becomes an international phenomenon and posts a record for most points in […]

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LCI Blog: Meet the Media – Kaye Cloutman: editor-in-chief, Gastronomique En Voque

This week, we had the pleasure to speak with Kaye Cloutman: editor-in-chief of Gastronomique En Vogue:   What’s your top story for today? Food Meets Fashion – Chef Daniel Sudar and Fashion Director of Santana Row Beverly Zeiss tell us about their top dining picks. Tell us about your dream assignment. My ultimate assignment is […]

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LCI blog: SAO – Search Agency Optimization

By David Landis, LCI President David Landis, LCI’s faithful President here. I just returned from a very fruitful couple of (very snowy!) days in Denver.                       (Yes, that’s snow, not a light show, in front of Euclid Hall in Denver)   Last week I met […]

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