So you want to be a PR professional…

Greetings college students, almost-grads, and (maybe not so) recent grads! Lauren Fernstrom here, and with this being my first blog post I thought I would draft a helpful sheet of how-to’s, what-to-do’s and of course, what-not-to-do’s as you begin to apply for your first full-time public relations position. But first things first. Before you start […]

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It’s the economy, stupid. . .

David Landis (or Dave, call me what you want) here with our first installment of Backtalk, LCI’s behind-the-scenes look at all things newsy, juicy, happening and whatnot. . . we’ll be blogging on a weekly basis (if not more) and welcome your thoughts, comments, praise and critiques. So here’s my rumination for the day: It’s […]

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