Lauren Feldis

Top Lessons PR Students Learned from their PRGN Internship

This blog originally appeared on the website of the Public Relations Global Network and features LCI’s fall intern, Lauren Feldis. The blog was written by Kathrn Lauro of Bianchi Public Relations in Detriot. Internships are an important asset for students starting their public relations careers. Each internship experience varies from agency to agency, presenting many […]

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CES 2021

Preparing for CES 2021

By Robin Carr, senior counselor Yes, we know CES (with more than 4,000 exhibitors and nearly 200,000 people) in Las Vegas recently ended and some of you are still recovering. But it’s never too soon to start planning for CES 2021. Seriously. Never too soon. Here’s an easy four-point planning guide: Begin your 6-month, 3-month, […]

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Social Listening Tools

What are the Best Social Listening Tools?

By Lauren Feldis, LCI Intern Whatever products or services you offer, it’s important to understand what your customers think of your brand. Increasingly, many marketers are looking to social media as a valuable tool to gain this insight. Through social listening, companies can monitor all relevant platforms for mentions of their brand, competing brands, industry […]

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PR Predictions for 2020

By David Landis, CEO and President It’s that time of year again: as 2019 comes to a close, we’re all staring into that crystal ball, wondering what the future holds for public relations in 2020. I asked our worldwide PR affiliates from the Public Relations Global Network for their ideas. Here’s a smattering of what’s […]

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How to create news, when there is no news

By David Landis, CEO and President A public relations professional’s job is a whole lot easier when your business or client has news. But unfortunately, that doesn’t happen all the time. So, what can an organization do to keep its brand top of mind when there’s no news? Here are three tricks of the trade. […]

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Introducing Betsy Levy

What work experience do you consider to be the most useful as it relates to supporting the needs of LCI’s clients? I have worked for large and boutique agencies, in-house (at Genentech) and as a consultant, which allows me to bring a well-rounded perspective to LCI. Over the last decade, my focus has been on strategic […]

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When Should PR be Brought into the Mix?

By Anne Buchanan, president at Buchanan Public Relations LLC In the last ten days, we have received two phone calls from prospective clients seeking PR support for upcoming initiatives. In both cases, they were calling us months – possibly even a year – too late. The first call came from the U.K. A significant dignitary […]

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Which Social Media Platform is Best for Your Business?

By David Cumpston, senior director These days, it’s imperative for every company to be part of the social media landscape. However, with so many platforms to choose from, how can you determine which platforms will work best for your business? Before deciding, understand three important points: Are you a B2C or B2B company? Define your […]

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Nine steps to re-energizing client relationships

By David Landis, CEO and President As the owner of a mid-sized public relations agency in San Francisco, I have seen firsthand the positive effects of nurturing client relationships—and conversely, have seen business relationships fizzle without the proper hand-holding. Remember, it’s much easier (and cheaper) to keep a current client than to market, sell and land […]

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Meet the Media – Alan Ohnsman

Alan Ohnsman is the senior editor for future mobility at Forbes. Can you tell us what types of stories, trends or issues are on your radar now? There’s a lot of innovation happening in trucking and logistics at the moment, from cleaner electric powertrains to ever-higher levels of automation. It’s going to have a big […]

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