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Meet the Media: Nikki Medoro

Nikki Medoro is the co-host of the afternoon drive show on KGO radio with Chip Franklin, where they discuss the top stories of the day. We asked Nikki about her work and what else interests her. What’s your top priority at work for today? While I would fully enjoy a day without a Trump headline, today (May […]

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A pen, pad, and laptop on a desk

Meet the Media: Jennifer Billock

The latest blog in our ‘Meet the Media’ series features Jennifer Billock, a freelance writer who regularly has articles published at What’s your top priority at work for today? I have a few for today! I’m doing some social media work for a B2B brand I work with, rounding up some sources for a […]

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Casa Rosada, Buenos Aires, where Evita gave her famous balcony speech

Going Global With A Local

By David Landis, President, LCI I just returned from my first-ever trip to Argentina: we visited Buenos Aires, Salta and Bariloche. Besides the sheer beauty, the delicious food, top-quality wines and the friendliness of the residents, one important aspect impressed me as a professional communicator. How a local can make all the difference. If, like […]

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The Google logo in someone's eye

How to protect your data on Google

By Greg Bortkiewicz, Senior Account Executive & Digital Specialist Ever since the Cambridge Analytica story broke, Facebook has been fighting fires regarding its perceived lack of action to appropriately manage its users data. (For tips about how to protect your data on Facebook, check out my recent blog post). While Facebook certainly has a lot […]

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A group of journalists with their cameras before a press conference

What to do when your spokesperson makes a mistake

By Leeza Hoyt, president of The Hoyt Organization, our Public Relations Global Network (PRGN) partner based in Los Angeles   We’ve all seen it on the news. The spokesperson heads to the microphone, reads a statement, then begins taking questions. Then, we notice something. He or she makes a mistake. Whether your spokesperson starts speaking […]

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A list of question words in a row

12 Questions with Brianne Murphy Miller

Name: Brianne Murphy Miller Title: Director Years at the agency: 20 years (!) What did you do before PR? I’ve worked at start-ups (all failed – very Silicon Valley), publishing (Glamour and Sunset) and in fashion. Why did you choose to enter PR? I’m not sure if I chose PR or if PR chose me. […]

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A microphone in a broadcasting studio

Why you Should Start a Podcast

By The Fearey Group, our Public Relations Global Network (PRGN) partner based in Seattle Podcasting – trend or communication pillar? A few years ago we might have said trend, but we at The Fearey Group have stepped head-first into the podcasting production world and the response has changed our tune and communication style. Creating digestible, […]

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How to Identify the Right Media Outlet for your Story

By David Cumpston, Director Pitching the correct media with your story is critical to the success or failure of a campaign. With so many types of media to choose from – newspapers, television, radio, social media and more – it can be tricky to identify which medium is best to pitch. With some research and […]

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An eye with a reflection of the Facebook logo

How to protect your Facebook data

By Greg Bortkiewicz, Senior Account Executive & Digital Specialist Ever since the undercover investigation by Channel 4 exposed Cambridge Analytica, Facebook has been in hot water with governments and the public. Although Mark Zuckerberg (eventually) apologized and promised to strengthen the organization’s data privacy efforts, many remain concerned about how their online data would be […]

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Questions Marks

Ten Questions that Prospects and Clients Ask

By Brianne Miller, Senior Counselor When the team at LCI starts talking with prospects about their marketing and communications needs, invariably several important questions arise. We decided to compile a list of those that are most-asked and answer them below: What is the ROI? How do you measure the effectiveness of a program? We have […]

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