Backcountry Pictures/CA State Parks documentary

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Backcountry Pictures, an independent film production company, created a two-part television special on the history and future of California's state parks.California Forever was presented by KQED, the PBS affiliate in San Francisco. While airings in Northern California were expected, Backcountry Pictures needed a grass roots and public relations campaign that would help elevate the program across the state and country, support viewership in the on-air markets and create demand for more creative product.


LCI used its extensive knowledge of the state parks and its supporters, in addition to its network of contacts within conservation organizations, to rally support for California Forever via multiple communication channels. LCI also leveraged the news of park closures to drive additional interest in the film. In conjunction with a media campaign to garner coverage and reviews of the program,

LCI leveraged its knowledge of parks and parks supporters to create a grass roots campaign among non-profit and other supporting organizations. LCI partnered with these organizations to cross promote the program and the organizations' missions via social media outlets and the California Forever website. LCI built a social media plan to reach park supporters, environmentalists, history buffs, ouspanoor enthusiasts and television viewers. Working with the filmmakers, LCI created and placed an opinion piece about the future of state parks leveraging the recent news of closures and the financial mismanagement of park funds at the state level. Lastly, LCI worked to secure a number of advance screenings of the film to build awareness and hype for the special.


The show was carried in 100% of the top 50 markets in California in prime time. Across the country, California Forever reached 76% of markets including eight of the top ten. Media coverage included reviews, in depth stories and interviews with KQED's California Report, Air Talk with Larry Mantle,San Francisco Chronicle, C California Style magazine, Good Day Sacramento (KMAX-TV), Monterey County Herald, Sonora Union Democrat, Oakland Magazine, SF Weekly, SF Examiner, Marin Independent Journal, Orange County Parks blog, Treehuggers International, Antelope Valley Press and more. The opinion piece appeared in the Huffington Post, North County Times, Digital Journal and The Third Report reaching more than 35 million people. In addition, eighteen non-profit organizations supported California Forever using their social media and communication tools to reach members and supporters of parks, the ouspanoors and the environment. Lastly, LCI secured programming and a screening at the California Academy of Sciences and a screening and Q&A with KPCC Crawford Family Forum.


"I cannot say enough good things about my experience working with your team at Landis Communications. You did a fabulous job, your commitment and enthusiasm for our project was exemplary and the personal and professional connection we feel for you will continue. I am not sure we ever could have entrusted our "baby", this two-part television series for PBS to anyone else."
--Sally Kaplan, Backcountry Pictures Inc.

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