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Several disparate Bay Area county affiliates were merging into one new entity, Planned Parenthood Golden Gate (PPGG). PPGG suffered from an outdated image as an “abortion provider.” Patients needed to be reassured that PPGG was a safe and secure health center, regardless of violent attacks at clinics elsewhere throughout the country.


Prior to the merger, LCI recommended messaging that reassured patients that the new PPGG would continue to offer the same level and quality of service. LCI also recommended that PPGG change its image regionally from that of an “abortion provider” to a comprehensive health center.

LCI established key messaging showcasing PPGG as the center for “healthy kids and families.” Children were part of every key message, media placement and photo opportunity.LCI instituted a proactive editorial board campaign that introduced top management of PPGG to editors and publishers. This campaign resulted in editorials and media placements that communicated the expanded healthcare role of the clinics throughout the Bay Area. Concurrently, LCI also created and implemented a crisis communications plan for immediate action in preparation for any type of potential emergency. Finally, LCI monitored news on health centers throughout the country and made PPGG spokespeople available for local/regional media comments.


Despite the closing of some facilities, 100% of merger coverage was positive and incorporated key messages. Major media outlets ran photos of PPGG kids with their stories, reinforcing the image of PPGG as a healthcare provider that cares about children. A public affairs initiative secured ongoing coverage through a variety of broadcast outlets including KGO Radio, KNBR Radio, KBLX Radio, KPIX TV and more. LCI’s crisis communications plan allowed local PPGG representatives to voice consistent messaging about comprehensive health services and the need for safe access. And PPGG’s expert comments during health center attacks helped establish PPGG regionally as an industry leader. Media placements included coverage in the following: San Francisco Chronicle, KGO Radio, KTVU-TV, KPIX-TV, KRON-TV, KGO-TV, San Francisco Magazine, San Jose Mercury News, San Mateo Times, Oakland Tribune and more.


"Landis Communications Inc. helped us successfully through a challenging period of growth for the organization. Not only did centers in six counties merge into one local affiliate, but Planned Parenthood centers nationwide were under siege, with bombings occurring regularly on the East Coast. LCI helped navigate Planned Parenthood Golden Gate expertly through these times, creating and implementing an integrated crisis communications plan. They quickly capitalized on relevant news of the day, proactively pitching appropriate editors and reporters with the local Planned Parenthood news angle. In addition, LCI was extremely effective in helping promote an over-arching, positive image of the organization’s multi-faceted health service offerings. LCI has my highest recommendation."
-- Dian Harrison, Planned Parenthood Golden Gate

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