Velodyne LiDAR

Project Description


Based in Silicon Valley, Velodyne LiDAR is the technology that allows autonomous vehicles (AV) to ‘see’ with pinpoint accuracy. Velodyne LiDAR challenged LCI to communicate the company’s leadership in the burgeoning market while also reassuring the consumer public that autonomous vehicles will reduce roadway fatalities.


LCI created Magnetic Messages© for Velodyne that worked for multiple audiences – media, investors, industry affiliates, clients and partners. Training spokespersons on the messages allowed for consistency. Media outreach highlighting David Hall (Velodyne’s founder and the inventor of LiDAR), provided an outlet for explaining a complex technology in layman’s terms. Interviews with top tier media such as Associated Press and CNET started the media buzz that led into a newly-created World AV Safety Summit. International media attended this gathering of AV experts from all over the world. The event featured speakers from government, automotive manufacturing, citizens groups like Mothers Against Drunk Driving and law enforcement. This collection of interested parties fostered both an open dialogue about the industry and sparked media interest in the effects of AV technology on everyday lives.


Beyond the automotive trade, LCI was able to work with Velodyne to advance the entire conversation around the benefits of AV and begin the education process to sway consumer sentiment. Media coverage to date has included Associated Press, CNET Roadshow, TU Automotive, Axios, Autonomous Vehicles Engineering and many more.

Project Details

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