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The Arizona 100

In 2018, HMA Public Relations – our PRGN partners in Arizona – launched The Arizona 100 – a twice-monthly digital publication that provides quick and concise (yet thorough) news of the people, events, activities and news shaping Arizona. Each 100-word story focuses on everything from business news, management, healthcare and real estate to arts, entertainment, history and restaurants. It’s published on the second and fourth Thursdays of each month.

The Arizona 100 is an affiliate of The 100 Companies, which currently includes 15 partner markets, publishing content and distributing to more than 300,000 readers.

HMA president Scott Hanson and I serve as publisher, with other members of the agency writing and editing the majority of the content. Other stories are sourced through public relations professionals, economic development offices, chambers of commerce and other news sources. Three stories in each issue are provided by one of the other partner markets, as well.

We decided to start publishing our newsletter because we saw the success of e-newsletters in other markets which offered opportunities to target business and civic leaders with news that was relevant and easy to consume. It provided us with a vehicle to share client news, as well as thought-leadership pieces from other influencers in our state. As writers, The Arizona 100 provided an opportunity to don our journalistic hats and play the role of reporter.

Today, we released our first special issue, focusing on the Waste Management Phoenix Open, presented by the Ak-Chin Indian Community. The issue features 15 stories about the Open – ranging from who’ll be golfing in the Pro-Am to who’ll take the stage at the Birds Nest to the Open’s commitment to zero waste and the beneficiaries of the monies raised.

We’re excited to have another special section this month that will focus on the Cactus League and Spring Training.

We invite you to subscribe to The Arizona 100. We have active Facebook and Instagram accounts, too, so please give us a follow. And if you have a great story to tell or want to learn more about sponsored content opportunities, send us a note at [email protected].

Blog written by Abbie Fink of HMA Public Relations. You can find Abbie on Twitter at @AbbieF.


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  1. Ashley Boarman Reply

    Great concept and nicely executed. Kudos to the HMA Public Relations team on rolling this out.

  2. Sean Dowdall Reply

    This is a great idea Abbie! Good luck a 100 times over!!!

  3. Brianne Miller Reply

    Great content Abbie – I hope you get to enjoy a little of the 19th hole 🙂

  4. David Landis Reply

    Abbie, thanks for contributing to our blog. And I hope that the Arizona 100 will be profiling some of the great shows at the Gammage Center, since you and I are both Broadway babies. Cheers, David

  5. David Cumpston Reply

    Nice job, Abbie! I can’t wait to read more :).

    David C.

  6. Craig MacLellan Reply

    For news, bite-sized is best. Thanks for sharing Abbie!

  7. Scott Hanson Reply

    Thank you for your support!