Velodyne Lidar

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Velodyne Lidar Executive Addresses How to Make Driverless Vehicles Safe, Ready and Familiar on the Road

Velodyne Executive Addresses Why Lidar is Necessary for Safe Vehicle Automation at IAA 2019 Conference

Velodyne Shows Velarray Lidar in Sleek Car Designs at IAA 2019 Conference

Velodyne Lidar Announces Second Annual World Safety Summit on Autonomous Technology

Optimus Ride Selects Velodyne Lidar’s Trailblazing Sensors to Power its Self-Driving Vehicles

Velodyne Lidar Announces Breakthrough Sensor for Autonomous Systems, Puck 32MR™

The Center for Automotive Research (CAR) and Velodyne Lidar Join the International Alliance for Mobility Testing & Standardization (IAMTS)

Velodyne Lidar Acquires for ADAS Launch

Velodyne Lidar’s Groundbreaking Sensors Power Kaarta Mobile Mapping

Idriverplus Building Smart Autonomous Vehicles With Velodyne Lidar Technology

Velodyne Features Advanced Lidar for Port Terminal Automation at TOC Europe

Velodyne Showcases Advanced Lidar for Autonomous Vehicles at CVPR 2019

Velodyne Wins Patent Challenge

Velodyne Showcases World’s Most Advanced Lidar for Autonomous Vehicles at SmartDrivingCar Summit

Velodyne Lidar, Nikon Announce Manufacturing Agreement for Mass Production of Velodyne Lidar Sensors

Equipped with Velodyne Lidar Sensors, Techmake’s Eagle X Swoops into Aerial-Mapping Market

Velodyne Lidar Wins 2019 Automotive News PACE Award

Velodyne Lidar’s Sponsorship of Japan Automotive AI Challenge Advances Next Generation Engineers

Velodyne Achieves Half a Billion Dollars in Lidar Sensors Shipped

Clearpath Brings Velodyne Lidar Technology to Robotics Community as Value-Added Partner

Velodyne Demonstrates Lidar Solution for Rich Perception Data Collection on NVIDIA DRIVE Platform

Velodyne Lidar CEO Wins Alliance of Automobile Manufacturers’ Autos2050 Award

New White Paper Calls for Clearer Marketing of Vehicle Autonomy and Driver Assistance for Safety

Velodyne Lidar’s Sponsorship of Autonomous Vehicle Competition in China Advances Research and Development of Self-Driving Cars

Velodyne Executive Addresses How Velodyne Provides Breakthrough Lidar Technology for Autonomy and Driver Assistance

Bringing Autonomous Vessels to Open Water: Velodyne Lidar Supports the Next Generation of AV Developers in Maritime RobotX Challenge

Velodyne Lidar and YellowScan Lead Drone Surveying Market for Highway Capacity Expansion

Velodyne Lidar to Present Breakthrough Technology for Autonomy and Driver Assistance at Consumer Electronics Show (CES) 2019

Velodyne Lidar Showcases a Wide Array of Never-Before-Seen Products at CES


Velodyne Lidar Announces Collaboration with Nikon in Technology Development and Manufacturing

Velodyne Lidar’s Smart, Powerful Sensors Enable New Postmates Autonomous Delivery Rover

Utilizing Velodyne Lidar Sensors, ThorDrive Debuts New Autonomous Driving Delivery Service for Seniors in Silicon Valley

The Impact of Self-Driving Cars on Roadway Safety a Hot Topic at Velodyne Lidar’s Inaugural World Safety Summit on Autonomous Technology

IPO Education Foundation Awards David Hall 2018 Inventor of the Year

Velodyne LiDAR Hosts Inaugural World Safety Summit on Autonomous Technology, Thursday, Oct. 18 at Levi’s Stadium

Velodyne LiDAR and MADD Launch Campaign Addressing Autonomous Vehicles’ Potential to Reduce Roadway Fatalities

NavVis Achieves Breakthough 6D SLAM Indoor LiDAR Mapping With Velodyne’s 3D LiDAR Sensor

Bringing Autonomous Boats to Life: Velodyne supports the next generation of AV Developers with RoboNation Sponsorship

Renovo Brings the World’s Most Advanced LiDAR Sensor from Velodyne LiDAR to its AWare Automated Mobility Ecosystem

Velodyne Executive Addresses How Velodyne’s Next Generation of Sensors Will Enable True Autonomy

How San Diego State University Researchers Track Changes in San Andreas Fault with Geodetics Mobile Mapping and Velodyne LiDAR Technology

Voyage with Velodyne

Velodyne LiDAR Awarded “Industry Choice Company of the Year” at TU-Automotive Detroit Conference

ProspectSV Welcomes Addition of Velodyne LiDAR Sensor to its ITS Lab

Velodyne LiDAR Demonstrates World’s Most Capable LiDAR for Autonomous Vehicles at SmartDrivingCar Summit

How 3D TARGET Survey Solutions Can Map Any Type of Environment with Proven LiDAR Technology


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