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Best 2018 New Year Resolutions

Achievable New Year’s resolutions

This January, the LCI staff reflects on their personal and professional resolutions for 2018.   David Landis: David wants to learn more about artificial intelligence and how it can be leveraged for communications efforts on behalf of LCI’s clients. The travel bug bit David long ago and he enjoys jet-setting around the world. In 2017 […]

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Is change constant in PR?

How is Public Relations Changing?

    By Brianne Murphy Miller, director at Landis Communications Inc.   Public Relations Global Network (PRGN) was founded 25 years ago to expand local knowledge and to discover how to best serve clients in multiple markets. Like-minded independently owned and operated firms gathered together to share best practices, win worldwide business and enjoy the camaraderie […]

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How has Facebook developed?

Is Facebook becoming Irrelevant?

    By Sarah Mason, Account Coordinator & Office Manager   As newer social platforms rise in popularity, such as Snap and Instagram, many speculate that Facebook is on its way out. Using Facebook when it launched was a very different experience than it is today. It used to be a place solely for photo […]

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5 Steps to Finding the Right PR Firm

5 Steps to Finding the Right PR firm

By David Landis, President, LCI Having been in the public relations business for more than two decades, I’m often asked by business people how to find the right PR firm for their needs. Finding the perfect PR and marketing communications agency is a bit like dating: you might have to kiss a few frogs to […]

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Productivity and Silicon Valley Journalism

Anna Medina Discusses Productivity and Silicon Valley Journalism

Meet Anna Medina, the Palo Alto Weekly’s Editorial Assistant and Internship Coordinator. What’s your top (or favorite) story right now? I will defer to the tabs open on my computer at this very moment. As an introvert in a world of constant stimulation, I found this piece in the Washington Post on how technology is impairing our […]

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Writing About Complex Subjects

By Jen Tedeschi of Buchanan Public Relations, our PRGN partner based in Philadelphia As a PR practitioner, I have a few not-so-shocking confessions to make: I’m not a lawyer, nor am I an accountant. Additionally, I have never attended medical school, and I haven’t had a chance to get much experience in investing, either. Yet […]

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Critical Thinking and Why It’s A Must for PR Pros

By David Landis, President, Landis Communications Inc. (LCI), San Francisco   Last week, I hosted a Webinar for public relations professionals throughout the world who are members of our Public Relations Global Network. The topic? Critical Thinking. Many of us, in any business, but perhaps especially in PR, fall into the day-to-day trap of working […]

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LCI Blog: 11 questions with LCI and PRGN president, David Landis

As the LCI and Public Relations Global Network (PRGN) president, I recently returned from the second bi-annual, international PRGN meeting in Sydney, Australia. The fall meeting was a success and our network inducted two new member agencies: Lewis Public Relations (Dallas, Texas) and GRAPE PR & Consulting (Seoul, Korea). These new affiliates bring PRGN’s and […]

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LCI Blog: Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Public Relations (PR)

By our PRGN affiliate Industrie-Contact AG in Hamburg, Germany Many companies are wondering how to manage communication within the vast quantity of present-day target media. While there only used to be print (consumer and trade press) and electronic (TV and radio) media, the Internet’s triumph has led to an unimaginable degree of complexity. Media websites […]

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LCI Blog: Digital PR – Tips for YouTube Optimization

By Eric L. Steckel, LCI’s Digital Media Strategist As the second largest search engine on the web, YouTube is now the 800 pound gorilla in the online video world. If you’re creating video content, you need to have it on YouTube. However, just posting videos is nowhere near enough. It’s important to ensure that your […]

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