LCI Blog: A Tip for Tuesday – Less Sap! More Snap!

By our PRGN Phoenix affiliate, HMA PR’s Katie Snyder:

NEWSFLASH – sap is best left to trees.

When it comes to developing quotes for product launches, announcements and other proactive media relations writings, snap is always a better way to go.

And, thanks to a recent PRSA webinar with Ann Wylie of Wylie Communications titled How to Write Moving Quotes and Memorable Quips, I now know how to take the sap out of anything I write – except maybe love letters, where anything goes.

Some tips from the pros:

  • Do be original
  • Do play on words
  • Do use metaphors and/or anecdotes
  • Do write something that would get YOUR attention
  • Don’t write jargon
  • Don’t use acronyms
  • Don’t blabber
  • Don’t overpromise
  • Don’t lie
  • Do watch the sarcasm
  • Do paint a picture with words
  • Do be playful but respectful
  • Don’t use LAW – lame-ass words

After the webinar, I asked some of my new co-workers for additional ideas as well:

  • Do personalize and customize
  • Not all quotes are created equal
  • Do determine the target audience
  • Do Ask others for input
  • Don’t overhype
  • Do offer something “new” rather than retreading information already presented in lead sentence

To my fellow communicators – what other tips can you offer to help eliminate the sap from quotes and other writings?

Please comment below or send us your thoughts to [email protected].


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  1. david Reply

    Thanks, Katie, for contributing to our blog. Great ideas! Cheers, David