Top Viral Videos of 2011

Tarah Beaven here, LCI Account Executive.

YouTube plays an intricate role in public relations enabling campaigns to deepen brand awareness and increase search engine optimization (SEO). Viral videos can be leveraged for online fodder and additional media coverage. An example is the video, Mountain Biker Hit by Antelope, that highlighted video maker GamePro on numerous national and regional broadcast shows such as Associated Press, New York Daily News, MSNBC and more.

Viral videos in 2011 served up a list of cute dogs, men getting trampled by unexpected things and atrocities that kept us glued to our screens. YouTube’s most watched videos of 2011 list surely includes a few clips that graced your Facebook pages, Twitter updates and email threads.

To commence a new year of videos that every public relations plan should
integrate, Landis Communications counts down the top 5 viral videos of 2011:

5. Look At Me Now – Chris Brown ft. Lil Wayne, Busta Rhymes (Cover by @KarminMusic)

4. Nyan Cat [original]

3. Talking Twin Babies

2. Jack Sparrow (feat. Michael Bolton)

1. Ultimate Dog Tease

What are your favorite videos of 2011? Email me at: